Udo Erasmus Ph.D - Finding peace, happiness and total sexy health

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Udo Erasmus, Ph.D., the creator of Udo’s Choice is an international authority on fats, oils, cholesterol and human health. His best-selling book, “Fats that heal – Fats that Kill” has been a major influence on the world’s understanding of how important Essential Fatty Acids are for human health. He continues to develop health solutions for modern health concerns and has a new book entitled “Total Sexy Health: 8 Key Parts Designed by Nature.”


Topics discussed in this episode include:


  • Finding peace within ourselves (9:30)


  • How distraction leads to disconnection (17:50)


  • Finding fulfillment (20:30)


  • Why money doesn’t make us happy (26:35)


  • Udo’s Awakening (28:40)


  • How getting quiet can change your perspective and your life (34:10)


  • The importance of healthy fats and how they can bring us back to health (38:45)


  • Should we all be taking probiotics? (50:40)


  • The diet our ancestors ate (53:40)


  • How inspiration leads to optimal health (59:30)


  • How contentment and connection can resolve the issues we face (1:06)



For more information visit udoschoice.com and totalsexyhealth.com