Dr. Jessica Eastman - Optimizing our sleep for better health, memory and performance

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Dr. Jessica Eastman is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Vancouver, BC and makes her second appearance on the podcast.


Topics discussed in this episode include:


  • Stage 1 of the sleep cycle (2:58)


  • Stage 2 of the sleep cycle – memory consolidation and synaptic pruning (5:20)


  • Stage 3 of the sleep cycle – Healing, growth and repair (13:25)


  • Stage 4 of the sleep cycle – REM sleep (16:30)


  • How stress impacts the sleep cycle (22:28)


  • Brain networks and how they affect cognitive function and energy (24:44)


  • How not getting optimal sleep affects our health (38:25)


  • Optimal sleep times and why they matter (44:15)


  • The optimal time for exercise (50:00)


  • How to maximize growth hormone (55:20)


  • How sleep affects our appetite and weight (104:17)


  • Indicators of optimal sleep (111:15)


 For more information visit www.drjessicaeastman.com and @drjessicaeastmannd on Instagram and Facebook.