Episode 11: Michael Panarella - Using fitness to fuel our health and thrive in life

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Michael Panarella is the founder and owner of Thrive Fitness, where he helps people acheive their health and fitness goals through customized personal training.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Where to start in your fitness journey (13:10)
  • Is being sore a sign of a good workout (14:50)
  • The mental benefits of strength training (17:40)
  • Training and sports (25:00)
  • The unhealthy side of fitness (30:30)
  • Setting goals and intentions for your fitness pursuits (32:50)
  • Michael's training routine (39:45)
  • Heart rate variability (43:20)
  • How genetics can affect how you squat (47:45)
  • Supplements to support your training (52:00)

For more information visit borntothrive or email Mike@borntothrive.ca

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Listeners of this episode receive a free online training plan. Contact Mike and mention Holistic Gangster Radio.