Hi, I’m Jason


Before becoming The Holistic Gangster I spent the better part of my adult life working in the corporate world as a change leader and creative problem solver, but in my personal life it seemed I was neither of those things. Poor habits, declining health, failed relationships and general discontent eventually led me (or forced me) into figuring out my shit.

A fire was lit, and emerging from the rubble was newfound knowledge, a relentless desire for personal growth and a purpose for supporting men in becoming the best version of themselves.

In my work I use holistic nutrition and performance coaching to create meaningful change in the areas of men’s lives most important to them - Health, Relationships and Career.

I believe in simplicity, because the truth is not complicated.

I believe nutrition is the first step in creating a shift physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I believe vulnerability makes us strong, not weak.

I believe courage is our path to personal freedom.

I believe it is the gap between where we are and our potential that leads to personal dissatisfaction.

And I believe we are all capable of reaching our potential, including YOU!


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